6 or a 9?

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2009 at 5:44 pm

Perception is reality or is it? So, there I was travelling on the same road at the same time as always. The person driving ahead of me was driving terminally slow-I mean if it were a race between him and a snail, the snail would definitely be celebrating. So, I kept my patience as long as I could and tolerated by resisting any loud honking. As I too, was forced to slow down, I could finally see why the car was traveling slowly.

There were 3 birds crossing and the driver slowed down so that they could pass safely. So, here was this driver  performing an act of nobility, and all the time I was thinking that he needed to go back  to driving 101. Friends, I was wrong-dead wrong, but learned a valuable lesson that day. Far too often in the absence of facts our perception becomes  skewed.

We process information based on what we see, but we should look beyond our limited field of vision before we come to a conclusion. This bias we humans have expands to many other endeavors such as family, business and social aspects. I am sure that all of us can think of a time when we made an assumption only to later realize that we were absolutely wrong about it.   I certainly can think of many examples in my life where I have misunderstood an intention or action and this is caused by immediately surveying a situation carelessly and drawing a conclusion.

So, let us remember realities are often based on a bias so let’s learn to reflect whenever we see a ‘6’ ask whether it’s really a ‘9’?

Keep on winning…


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