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Radio show…

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This Saturday’s show will be LIVE FROM ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA.

Call in:917-889-8626

Don’t forget Every Saturday 10.00 am EST (GMT-5)

-Motivation motivated by taking action…


Leader in the making…

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This is a short post, but I just have to share my thoughts.  Today, i am proud and want to share the reason.  Over the years,  i have been able to (through trial and error) spot potential and nurture potential in people and to help draw out their best, because we all have it in us.

There is a young man whom i have now known for a while and he emerged as a winner by demonstrating what true leadership is all about-taking action, taking the ball and running with it no matter what. You must understand, I believe you can squeeze orange from lemons and by that i mean nothing is impossible and leadership can be nurtured.

Often we hold ourselves back in life, but when we take ACTION then we are pleasantly rewarded with self-confidence and we emerge as leaders. Well done.

2010: Take ownership…

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Just a few more days and we end yet another year. This is a great time to look back at our life and ask all those questions.

1. Did we do what we set out to at the beginning of the year? As each year ends, we make commitments both to ourselves and to others as well so naturally it makes senses to ask this question and also to answer it as well.

2. Did I really try? So you planned on starting a business, but for some reason, things just came in the way-yes, it is LIFE and it has a habit of doing that and it will not change. What needs to change is the way we choose to approach things.

Some tips for a new you in a new year

1. Be spontaneous. Nothing fuels creativity and passion like doing things without planning.

2. Appreciate others. Really, there is nothing like saying thank you to somebody for a job well done; it seems that this is going out of fashion so let us take a trip outside of our own cocoons and say THANKS! Giving sincere gratitude can work wonders for somebody’s self-esteem and progress. Give others a lift as well.

3. Laugh. As Charlie Chaplin once quipped: “a day without laughter is a day wasted.” Don’t forget to laugh.  Laughing relieves stress and takes us “out of the moment” so take out those Laurel and Hardy DVD’s and laugh heartily, chuckle and guffaw with abandon.  There is even an entire system called laughter Yoga developed by Dr. Madan Kataria, a Physician from Mumbai,who launched the system in a park on March 13 1995 and initially attracted a few, however in time this grew to 6000 such laughter clubs worldwide.

4.Be an empty cup. Expand your mind. Always be a student and continue to learn and educate yourself and for those who like terminology-be auto-didactic. Learn and keep on developing.A change in our brain often leads to a change in ourselves.

5. Don’t spin the wheels too hard. Rome was NOT built in a day, so do take some time to slow down. It is imperative to take a break.  If your strategy is effective then you do NOT need to spin wheels all he time for winning excellence. Getting “out of the frame” can actually help you to focus more.

6.Get it done. If you have a business idea, go for it. “The unchallenged mind is not worth even exploring.” (KC Darji)-If there is anything that you have wanted to do, then go and do it for “nothing will reward you as much as the reward you give yourself.”  Nothing feels like achievement.

7.Buy a whiteboard. This is a great investment. WRITE down your ideas using diagrams and notations. Our brain does not think in a linear fashion so mind-mapping your ideas really pays for itself.

8. Find a mentor. Whatever you want to do, find a mentor. It may surprise you but people who have attained mastery in areas of the life welcome the opportunity to shadow others.  I mentored several would-be entrepreneurs in the UK and gave them the chance to have a coffee with me and freely ask questions. It was an honor for me to think that i was even considered in this capacity.

9.Exercise and diet. Do some form of exercise even if it is just taking a 20 minute walk each day. Exercise leads to a great sense of well-being and this leads to better self-esteem. Watch what you eat and cut your intake of salt, processed foods and fats. Aim to eat more fruits and vegetables and your body will return the favor.

10.Heat less. Anger is not healthy. Bite the bullet. A study out of Washington School of Nursing homed in on anger problems in husbands and wives. Researchers cited previous evidence that anger problems and depressive symptoms were linked to all major causes of death, but found that wives specifically found a greater association between anger and symptoms of depression, while men tended to instead experienced an association between anger and health problems. Another study from Harvard School of Public Health studied hostility in men and found that those with higher rates of hostility not only had poorer pulmonary functioning (breathing problems), but experienced higher rates of decline as they aged. So, managing situations effectively with calm is definitely better for us.

11.Losing karma. The opposite of winning karma. Actions, activities that may unnecessarily take up our time should either be eliminated or significantly cut.  For example, watching too much television will take up much of your time and will entertain you for a few hours. After watching something, we should ask “what did i get from watching the program?” More often than not, we will realize we just wasted valuable time that could have been put to use for more productive pursuits. Make a note of all that is wasteful in life.

12.You are the company you keep. If you want to win, then surround yourself with winners. This doesn’t mean that you should tell your existing friends the pink slip, however it is vital to associate with successful people and this doesn’t necessarily mean financially but in other areas such as their attitudes, relationships and how they treat others.

13. Do something for others. Volunteer for your community whether it’s a church, school or something else. Giving your personal time for a worthy cause is a great positive step to take. “Noble actions lead to even more nobler outcomes..” (KC Darji) It is a universal truth that things always come back manifold.

14.Keep a journal. Very effective for tracking goals and progress.  Also, for noting down any thoughts and ideas that may spring to mind. For any ideas, also note the actions which needed with deadlines.

15. Be inspired. We should keep an eye on our surroundings and look for moments of inspiration all around us. They are everywhere and are to be found in the most common of situations.

16.Keep reminders. Place any written goals or aspirations of brightly colored post-it notes or index cards and keep them in the home,car or office so that you can keep focused on the prize.

Okay, so just a few tips. Remember,small steps lead to big changes. Make 2010 the year of winning karma-and take action!

Keep on winning…

Winning Karma radio show:Insider edition..

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Well, we are heading to show number 3 of the radio show and i just wanted to share what it takes to bring the show every week. Well, it is definitely a new arena even though i have actively been involved in various aspects of media since 1995-this medium presents its own challenges.

Sixty minutes every Saturday may seem long, but they do fly by quicker than you may think.  So, every week after the show, questions arise as to what to say, how to say it, when to say it purely because of the time allotted. Let me share a secret: except for some guidelines, the show for the most part is spontaneous and unrehearsed, but with God’s grace and your support we manage to get through.

Also, experimenting with a TV show this week, but that will take some time and much more preparation, but it will happen so watch this space. The first book will be out later in 2010 and will kick-start our journey–a journey that began for me in 1995…

Keep on winning…

The Friendly Enemy…Part one

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(Apologies: technical issues prevented this being published yesterday)

So, what is the friendly enemy and how can an enemy also be a friend?

The human mind with its wonderful complexity is our best friend yet our worst enemy. The Bhagwad Gita, a Hindu scripture also called the song of God, states that the undisciplined mind acts as our enemy. The mind with its constant chatter never seems to cease. The mind is a terrible thing to waste yet if not properly channeled  it can waste us.

Just like a wild animal, the mind needs to be trained. It is said that the mind is like a monkey aimlessly swinging from tree to tree and for this reason we need to develop mental strength and “battle-proof” our mind so that we are better equipped to handle situations- i refer this to as “Kshatriya Mindpower.”

Keep on winning… blog tomorrow

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Just checking in. Well, the premier radio show was broadcast this Saturday and some great feedback received. i enjoyed presenting it very much and thank you all who listened, sent messages of encouragement and spoke to me personally registering your views.

On my part, there were a few glitches and i promise to resolve this for the next show and take the show to even greater heights…

Keep on listening and winning…

Every Saturday 10.00am Eastern (GMT -5)


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With the imminent lauch of the radio show, just wanted to squash rumors that this blog is not being replaced by the show–meaning that this blog will continue…

Just one of those weeks so please bear with me