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V Log: Number 1

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Our first video log. Keep on winning..


25 reasons to be selfless

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I love to volunteer my time to a primary cause. It makes me grounded and feel bonded to people in the community; we need to encourage more people to volunteer.

A few years ago, I was an adviser to a UK community Government project and we spent a lot of time looking into the impact of community volunteering and how widespread its effects truly are.

There are reminders all around us that we can help the community; whether it is helping somebody to fix a fence, helping somebody across the street or walking for charity, volunteering is a great way to give back and it is a selfless act.

Often we find it hard to find volunteers for causes and the problem is we spend a lot of time on the features of volunteering and less on communicating the benefits.

Have you thought about the benefits you will get from volunteering? If you consider the many benefits you will receive, you will be asking yourself why you aren’t more involved with helping a cause. Consider these 25 reasons to volunteer some of your time:

1. To make new friends

2. To build personal and professional contacts

3. To build your self-esteem and self-confidence

4. To develop new skills

5. To make a difference

6. To increase personal satisfaction

7. To add experience to your résumé

8. To develop people skills

9. To develop communication skills

10. To do something as a family

11. To explore career possibilities

12. To feel needed and appreciated
13. To share your skills with others

14. To be challenged
15. To do something different

16. To earn academic credit

17. To improve your health

18. To have fun!

19. To develop responsibility and character

20.  To strengthen your sense of belonging

21. To learn. Wisdom from elders is priceless

22. Be a good citizen with conviction

23. Motivate yourself and others

24. Keeping active

25. Learning tolerance by working with other mindsets

You will get more out of your volunteer experience than you put into it.  Gandhi said: “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Don’t hesitate to give some of your time to a worthy volunteer opportunity.

Winners volunteer so keep on winning…

Thank you

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We completed one year of blogging in June and this signifies a milestone for us . The blog started in June 2009 and i had no idea about the impact it would have on those who read it in helping them to “win.

I am speechless and want to thank all of you who read this blog with intent and i promise changes  (you can see from the new look) along with more material.

Thanks and keep on winning.