What, oh what is winning karma…?

In Uncategorized on August 15, 2009 at 6:44 pm

Yesterday, a friend of mine who somehow wasn’t aware of this blog, inquired:”what is winning karma?”  as he browsed the site on my G-phone. Interesting question and i will give you a very brief overview (as i hope to give you more details later)

The original concept was to develop a system revolving around self-empowerment and development;while this is still the key central theme, this concept has developed even further.  Winning Karma will evolve to produce and provide inspirational and aspirational media across many different platforms- yes, yes, in other words it is a media company.  And yes, this still includes writing the long-awaited book, which is taking longer than expected but am in the process of gathering materials for the book so it cannot be rushed.  And, on that subject, i wanted to say a big thank you to all for taking great interest in this project. Your immense support spurs me on to continue and move forward with each entry made.

i would like to request you all to leave comments for posts so that we can truly have a great interactive environment.

Keep on winning…

  1. What is winning karma after all? The ability to create “karma” that will allow you to “win.” What things affect your “karma”?

    Vachanamrut Gadhada I-78: “If the eight influences of place, time, action, company, mantra, meditation of the deities, initiation and scriptures are favourable, they purify one’s mind; however, if these eight influences are unfavourable, they pollute one’s mind.”

    What is “winning”? Pursuit of Dharma, Artha, Kama, or Moksha? In the end it has to be Moksha.

    Question is how do those 8 factors affect your “karma” and how can they be influenced so they are positive and good?

  2. Some excellent train of thought my friend. It is very apparent that you are taking action in life toward the path you choose to take.

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