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Had some technical issues, but seems all is resolved now.


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Hello blogees,

I just wanted to let all know that I have fully recovered, am fighting fit and will now be posting regularly again from tomorrow. THANKS to all who expressed concern. With God’s grace all is now back to normal and as they say normal services will now resume…

Next post: “Vital signs….”

Keep on winning..

Can you hear me…hello????

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We must attain mastery over communication. It is mandatory. It is essential.

Communication in its earliest form can be traced back to prehistoric times when humans used grunting (although we can still see this genetic trait at sports events!) to communicate and wall paintings to get their message across; although we as a race have evolved significantly (one hopes!) the basics remain the same.

Communication takes place between one to many people. It comprises verbal, non verbal and physical gesture ! A successful communication transaction occurs when the message communicated is received exactly as it was intended and also acted upon.

Leaving communication theory aside, let us strip it down to the bare essentials and look at a few scenarios. Okay, so scenario A, we are given a task to do something and we agree to a deadline-now, as the project lead sends reminders, SMS’s, emails and leaves wonderfully long voice mails because of a lack of action on our part. What will the project lead automatically assume?   First of all, that the person given “ownership” of the task, has not lived up to their promise and  it is safe to say that there is great disinterest; now there could be VALID reasons for not completing the task, but because this was never communicated to the project lead, he or she will never know.

Net result: Your reputation and management skills take a HUGE  hit

Outcome: People lose trust in you and they are unlikely to  recommend you for anything again.  Conversely, let’s look at Scenario B where a project is given and there is good two-way communication between the parties. Guess what? You just won some brownie points, gold stars, laurels or whatever form of  award you wish to add in its place.

The bottom line:  without good communication you will NOT make any significant leaps in life. not to mention the angst, frustration, pain and distress you will cause to others in the process.

In my earlier years, I did complete projects, but for a short time became a little complacent, but through working under the guidance of one leader, I learned work discipline and how timely communication can make or break a situation especially when working for a community based project.

My own father-a dispenser of sage wisdom-often says that if you take on something especially in a voluntary/community capacity, ONLY say yes if you can see it through to the end.   He is so right. Never take on something you cannot do and if you take it on DO communicate at all times.

Remember, even our early predecessors communicated effectively.   Need i say more?


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Must be surprised to see this post. Well, first my sincerest apologies to all on a number of issues. First, lack of blogging; i have been  fighting off  flu and fever and while nothing deters me, it had sapped me of energy and kept me away from all, but it looks like the vitality is returning- BELIEVE ME my thoughts have been with you all. i have not been ill for some years and i think my body wants me to shake off the cobwebs and any remaining spiders and actually slow down a little until recovery-which is imminent.  Have been on rigorous natural product regimen and modern medicine which all seems to be doing the job.

Secondly, due to some technical mishap, the original post on “communication” which i saved (or thought i had) in draft has disappeared into thin air! Beat that David Copperfield. Somewhat disconcerting, but i do have a back-up somewhere and it will hopefully be posted on Monday. So, i shall return in the interim with other musings.

The period of illness always reminds us of our mortality. Everybody is going to die, but we should focus on the quality of life that we live. Each breath is precious and should never be taken lightly.

Vital signs of life—that will be the next post!

Until then, i wanted to thank Mr. Amitabh Bachchan for recognizing me in his blog and through the site indirectly allowing winningkarma to be promoted to a whole new audience.

What a man!


A winning quote from him: “No one can go through life without their share of knocks. I am no different from any other…”

Keep on winning…. (kdarji)

Still in the trenches…

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Friends, i am still in indifferent health.  If it continues , i shall seek medical advice. I will post something tonight  if possible. i hope to be well again very soon, but right now i am not. Believing in the power of positive thinking, i will mend very soon and will banish this dreaded scourge very soon…i will be rigorously following an exercise/nutrition plan to remedy the situation. My deepest apologies.

From the trenches…

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I am feeling a little unwell, but i still hope that this will not deter me from posting tonight as promised; if i don’t do this then please forgive me, but please know that my thoughts are here and I WILL try my utmost to get the post up.

It is rare for me to be unwell, but i believe fasting has contributed to it, and that is not a criticism, but it is my fault as i have failed to consume adequate amounts of fruit and antioxidants.

Again my abject apologies.


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Just checking in to let you all know what is coming up





Indian Independence…

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Today, is a very special day for Indians worldwide. On this day at the strike of midnight on August 14 1947  India was liberated from British rule and took birth an an independent sovereign nation. After this came Pandit Jawarhalal Nehru’s famous speech titled “Tryst with destiny.”

“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance….. We end today a period of ill fortune, and India discovers herself again.

As history has shown time and time again, with independence comes a price. Today, we remember the many who sacrificed their lives for  independence-the countless who willingly gave up their lives for an entrenched belief and single-minded conviction. You see whether we believe in politics or are dyed-in-the-wool pacifists, we learn a great lesson from this, and to quote Mahatma Gandhi: ‘”A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” You see, whenever there is a consensus of opinions and goals aligned to a mission the results are nothing short of extraordinary. Whenever, people can put away their differences and travel together, many things can be achieved.

Today, we salute such souls who seemingly ordinary manage to become outstanding heroes.. To put it into the mother tongue Hindi: “Aaj hum sab garv se voh maha atma ko salaam kurte he kyo ke woh mamuli hote hue oonka karmo se woh veero bunjate hain…”

Keep on winning…

What, oh what is winning karma…?

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Yesterday, a friend of mine who somehow wasn’t aware of this blog, inquired:”what is winning karma?”  as he browsed the site on my G-phone. Interesting question and i will give you a very brief overview (as i hope to give you more details later)

The original concept was to develop a system revolving around self-empowerment and development;while this is still the key central theme, this concept has developed even further.  Winning Karma will evolve to produce and provide inspirational and aspirational media across many different platforms- yes, yes, in other words it is a media company.  And yes, this still includes writing the long-awaited book, which is taking longer than expected but am in the process of gathering materials for the book so it cannot be rushed.  And, on that subject, i wanted to say a big thank you to all for taking great interest in this project. Your immense support spurs me on to continue and move forward with each entry made.

i would like to request you all to leave comments for posts so that we can truly have a great interactive environment.

Keep on winning…