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In memoriam Rajesh Sood….you are a winner and always will be dear friend

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Rajesh Sood

i only wish that the circumstances for writing this note were happier.

Last week, during a slew of celebrity deaths, i was deeply saddened and shocked to learn of my good friend Raj’s passing as a result of surgical complications. Rajesh had Crohn’s disease for some time, but ironically did not die from the disease but from surgery.

Rajesh was one of the most warmest, sincere and friendliest individuals that i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He used to always buy from our then-shop Marsh Newsagents-he was always loyal and would spend lots of time entertaining us with his bad jokes.

In time, he also became very good friends with the family and was always ready to offer his help in any way possible. When we last came to London, we made a point of talking and meeting him. Through all his surgical procedures, the one thing Raj never lost was his humour and he was always jolly.

Raj was and will remain a good friend. Although, there is great sadness,  we also celebrate his life with great joy because through his warmth and affection he has left a mark on our hearts forever. We love and miss you brother…LEGENDS NEVER DIE.


What a week. We have lost a number of great personalities whom were all a part of my formative years.  Michael Jackson who never seemed to age has now passed on leaving behind a legacy. i must admit that growing up i was enthralled by his creativity. The “Thriller” video truly sent chills up and down my spine when it first came out. He was an auteur-musician, singer, actor and performer all in one. Out of curiosity, my brother and i also went to his “Bad” tour in UK and we were totally taken aback by the flawless execution.

Farrah Fawcett also passed away. It is sometimes hard to appreciate the frailties of mortality and not be affected by it. We all need to depart from this stage sooner or later, but still try as hard as we might we often succumb to sentiments. i think John Donne put it best:

“Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee..”

Let us all appreciate each and every day…

Keep on winning…


Back from the trenches…

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Hey there blogees,

Not had breakfast, but had to write first.

Wow, just wrapped up the retreat this weekend; in the ‘eye of the storm’, there was not much time to write but i do apologize to one and all. i learned much this weekend.

A fabulous event full of inspiration,nuggets of wisdom and practical solutions. It was indeed a pleasure to work with a great team.

Lessons learned: As a positive person, i did want to bring up one incident which i hope will illustrate the need to accept some constructive criticism as well as the correct approach. Attitude. much hard work went into the retreat-the four hour sleeping pattern, the emails, sms’s, online chats and phone calls. The consensus amongst the faithful was the event was a success. So, we were taken aside and there we sat as an individual went through all the negative aspects-as we sat silent listening to the advice.

To be very honest, not much of what was said was relevant or practical at this stage, but listen we did and intently without commenting.  Some things such as audio glitches are beyond our control as are folks who do not demonstrate the same zeal and enthusiasm for the project. The point is the event was delivered faithfully through great synergy and cooperation. The point is we listened even though much of it cannot work at this point in time.

So, the moral is constructive criticism is welcome destructive criticism laced with negativity and attitude is not- it is demotivating and does nothing to boost morale..

All in all a great event. A friend of mine named  Hetal was inspired and motivated to help and serve in the future. To me, that is the true measure of its success. To have at least one person enthused and ready to make a change…well, that is priceless..that’s what winning karma is all about. Hetal you have the talent and ability to go far..

Thanks to all who helped this weekend. You are all winners in my book…

Life…during the weekend,there were some deaths-not just two major celebrities. but a friend of mine as well. i will write a “in memoriam” later.

Keep on winning…

Start with a blank canvas…

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Hello friends,

First of all, a BIG apology for not writing yesterday. Was caught in a whirlwind of activity and came back from Orlando at 2.00 am today. As regular blogees will know have been involved in helping with a Youth retreat and things are progressing very well, although am fast learning that no matter how well you plan, something or another will happen.

Just the other day, and this is rare for me these days, i was watching reality television and seeing the characters doing something totally unexpected got me thinking,so  today  let us talk about spontaneous creativity. i would like all blogees to take a blank piece of paper, pens,crayons etc. and draw something-anything; you can draw anything but just get drawing.

Or make a mosaic, plant something,go paragliding  or  just go outside and marvel…you will see sites that you never even thought existed.

The objective of this is that there is no real objective! It is spontaneous. Cast back your minds to when you were a child and how spontaneous we all were.  . Whether, we scrawled our names in crayons on the wallpaper, penciled our names on the desk or how as would-be Einsteins we experimented by sticking chewing gum on the bedpost over night (i feel a song coming on) so go ahead and do that if you want to re-live your childhood.

The point is sometimes we just have to “do” and not “think”.  Of course, as adults we have moral and ethical boundaries, but despite this we  can still throw “caution to the wind” and do something on the spot.


  • Learn from spontaneous people. Why are they so? What philosophy drives them? What kind of things have they done?
  • Once a month, take stock and do something spontaneous without putting it on a calendar

So seize the moment-break away from routine-experience something different and you will enjoy life  more!

Be curious and adventurous

Keep on winning…

Some quick thoughts

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Hello blogees,

Wow-what a day. Apologies once more, but have been “in the trenches” again with the retreat. A myriad of tasks executed-a myriad left to do, but they will get done.

Things are shaping up very well.

As many of you blogees already know i am a keen somewhat acute observer of life. Today’s incidents compelled me to think that there is ” energy in synergy”  the sum of the whole is greater than its parts.

In any project, you need a lead-an anchor- a lever who makes sure that all work in congruence with the specified aims and objectives. But, we also need the cogs as well. These cogs are no lesser than the anchor and are imperative for achieving success with a spirit of mutual dependence.

In this well oiled machinery, the anchor or lever  provides balance and stability. The cogs keep on turning accordingly…never forget the cogs for they too are important.

Will write more later…to you and yours. By the way, in the fullness of time, will be developing and uploading specific winning karma videos and presentations all designed to galvanize and inspire you all to succeed and…

Keep on winning

Contagious enthusiasm…

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Working on many varied aspects, but just wanted to check in.  Been a hectic weekend-have been working on putting together a motivational  youth retreat in Tampa. As i always say “expect the unexpected and you will never be disappointed..” Last minute speaker cancellations, re-working the evening programs and many conference calls and documentation to cobble together, but through it all very grateful for the support of the faithful. Everything has a reason.

Last night, i was working until the early hours with an AV volunteer named Krunal. The passion and enthusiasm and perseverance  demonstrated yesterday(today am!) was admirable. There were some technical glitches and rather than go for the softer option, he decided to exhaust all possible avenues and with dogged determination tried, tried and tried again.

One has to sit back and admire a young lion with this kind of spirit. This kind of energy is contagious-it is positive and it is truly rejuvenating even at 12.00 midnight. And if i may add an original  thought “Wisdom is not determined by generation but by  reaction….” Age does not always imply we are right, but wisdom can also come from those younger.. Truly, such spirits keep me youthful and vibrant-longing to raise the bar…

Kudos K-Kwik.  You are an asset and  a shining example of youth. K-Kwik-this is for you…

Keep on winning


Never give up on your dreams…

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Hey blogees,

Without consciously realizing it earlier in my life, i have always been truly fascinated by the human condition. What makes people tick. What makes them excel? What makes them fail?

If it were left up to me, I WOULD LIKE FOR YOU ALL TO FAIL! Now, before i receive comments about this please allow me the courtesy of explaining.

I truly believe that failure is the catalyst for success, yet i also feel that we allow fear to take over thus impeding our progress.  As somebody once said “why does the fear of flying always begin with the fear of falling?”

We need to fail to truly succeed. Anything that comes easily leaves easily.

Human beings tend to create limitations. period. Conditioned by our environment and the things we see and hear, we automatically embrace things without clear and proper analysis.

In the animal kingdom, we marvel at the persistence shown by certain creatures and we exclaim “whoa!” when we see a smaller creature outwitting a larger more powerful beast.

But, caught up in the wonderment, enamored by the spectacle, we fail to see our own true potential. We are ALL capable of achieving more than we expect to.  The world does want you to win but fortune favors the brave.

Able. Capable. These are the two buzzwords for the day-we have the ability and capability yet, for some reason we  shy away when it comes down to trying. And, whenever we want to “bite the bullet” we recall our past failures and then just like the tortoise we withdraw into our shells. REMEMBER YOUR PAST FAILURES DO NOT DICTATE YOUR FUTURE STATE!

There is no need to be defeatist.  Some of the greatest personalities have embraced failure and bounced back.  Don’t judge yourself by others-we are ALL unique-always REMEMBER.

Some positive reinforcement for the weekend…

Henry Ford failed and went broke five times before he succeeded.

Albert Einstein did not speak until he was 4-years-old and did

not read until he was 7. His parents thought he was “sub-normal,” and one of his teachers described him as “mentally slow, unsociable, and adrift forever in foolish dreams.” He was expelled from school and was refused admittance to the Zurich Polytechnic School. He did eventually learn to speak and read. Even to do a little math.

Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” He went bankrupt several times before he built Disneyland. In fact, the proposed park was rejected by the city of Anaheim on the grounds that it would only attract riffraff.

So, do FAIL,but Keep on winning!….kash

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”

Under the weather……

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Hello blogees,

First of all, apologies for not posting yesterday-have been a little under the weather, although this didn’t deter me and i tried to post from my phone, but somehow my phone decided not to cooperate and everything was erased.

Will be blogging later folks…


Sound body…

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Hello friends,

Just back after working out in the community gym. Not frequented by many, hence gave me a lot of time to sample different workouts. It was a good workout and there were no clicks or injuries.   i used a combination of free weights (i didn’t pay for them haha!) and  resistance bands-to the uninitiated they are giant elastic bands and provide varying degrees of resistance as well as a great pump and are less pressure on the joints.

So, after some time, i left drenched, showered and now settled on the sofa -and, yes for lovers of the “protein window” i am sipping on a protein/carb shake to ward off catabolism as the body cries to use protein as energy-oh no you don’t! It seems paradoxical, but after a workout the muscle actually wants to shrink-again, oh no you don’t!

The one criticism i have to make is that for some reason  the air conditioning does not work as it should-nay, scratch that-it doesn’t work at all! i am excited by the emails and comments received along with suggestions as follows:

1. “You should write how some of the elders amongst us can also engage in a healthy lifestyle!” i have somewhat changed the original text but the meaning is the same. Great idea, i will certainly compile a 101 generic fitness post, but there will be a caveat-i am by no means a certified specialist but always  happy to share some tips.

2. Mr  KP wrote about my ability to blog at early hours. Since 1995, i have been following the practice of sleeping less and tend to work in the early hours. This is not something one is advocating, however it is an established norm for me so am used to it.  But, i guess it is that when i sleep i sleep a more restful sleep. In any case, former British  Prime Minister Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan also adopted such habits. In any case, i have sought over the last few months to sleep more 7 hour patterns than 4-one has to listen to the body..

Oh just  a tip-if you wish to comment on a specific blog just hit reply guys…thanks

Keep on winning…kash

Sound mind…sound body…

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Hello blogees,

Another super-charged positive weekend. Gave a speech to the socio-religious organization i am affiliated with. One of the things i am very mindful of when delivering a speech is to speak with passion and conviction-a belief that comes from within.  Although, i have learned many things through education and training, i think you can only develop your own particular style by constantly  trying to raise the bar.

For example, i always compile a concise intro multimedia presentation before i go on the podium-for me it is of paramount importance to set the appropriate ambiance. To develop a cadence with your audience is very important and wherever possible to interact-this also helps to generate a more conducive environment.

Naturally, there are some jitters before presenting-butterflies are inevitable, but i choose to think of this great adrenaline rush as a positive-so i  breath in and out-centering my energy and then just doing what i have to do and then connecting with the faithful.

On a physical note, have been educating myself further about nutrition, diet and exercise-a a passion for many years. At 37, i manage to remain healthy and free of any discernible pot belly and that of course is through God’s immense grace. Exercising your mind, body and spirit are very essential in life-they are all connected..

Well, blogees..I will write more when i can

Keep on winning, because it is the only choice we have…!

Night owl

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Just before i retire for the night. The indefatigable enthusiasm and spark keeps me buzzing and so wanted to share a few points. Working on the “Winning Karma” materials-the goal is to be ready within a month…

Keep Winning…