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This one is a personal post.  Yesterday at 11.30 pm i received a message of thanks from a prospective medical student for whom i wrote a recommendation letter. The gratitude, of course, was a noble sentiment and expressed with sincerity and graciousness.  Although, for me it is a duty to help those who ask in this small insignificant way and it is a joy whenever one has the opportunity to help somebody further their ambitions.

We are all stuck in the web of  routines and carry on spinning the wheels,but through it all we forget the many blessings we have.  Questions..questions;did we say thank you to God for all the wonderful blessings? Did we say thank you to our friend who helped us out of a tight situation? What about the Dr. who helped us back to recovery? What about our parents who cleaned us when we were babies, and still guide us today?  Did we say thank you when that person went the extra mile for us? we take too much for granted in life and everything is just a given.

It is a good habit to develop gratitude-attitude (what else did you expect?); some folk like to keep a daily gratitude diary wherein they write down all the things for which they are grateful. It makes sense to catalog such things because it enables us to focus on the positive aspects of life.

Interesting study that i stumbled across.  Sonja Lyubomirsky, a Positive Psychologist did a study in which she asked her students:

“There are many things in our lives, both large and small, that we might be grateful about. Think back over events of the past week and write down up to five things that happened for which you are grateful or thankful.”

After doing this for  six weeks the students experienced higher than usual levels of thankfulness and appreciation. They also felt happier. How does this work?

  • Grateful thinking promotes the savouring of positive life experiences
  • Expressing gratitude boosts self-worth and self-esteem
  • Gratitude helps people cope with stress and trauma
  • Expressing gratitude encourages people to help others
  • Gratitude helps build social bonds, strengthening relationships
  • Expressing gratitude diminishes comparison with others – one of the sources of unhappiness
  • The practice of gratitude is incompatible with negative emotions and diminishes anger, bitterness and greed
  • Gratitude towards positive events helps prevent these events causing only short-lived happiness.


So, let’s be grateful for the things we have, accept the things that we cannot change and look forward to the things that are yet to forward thinking and…

…keep on winning


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