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9 ways to live in color not sepia…

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As we take those small steps leading us toward our chosen path of excellence, one of the most empowering things we can do is to live in color.

 This means doing different things so that we don’t become bored or repetitive. And this may also be things that we have forgotten or never tried.

When we change the way  we do things, we   open ourselves to newer ways of looking at things from a fresher perspective and we open ourselves to greater levels of personal satisfaction.

1.  Bathe don’t shower. Yes, a shower invigorates, but taking a bath will also do the same. Sit in a bath, close your eyes and add oils if you want.

2. Wake up early and get things done whether its yard work or just reading something positive.

3. Go and bake a cake. Our culinary skills probably aren’t up to master chef standards, however ready-made mixes are the way to go.

4. Go to the library. Remember this? Before Google existed, we used to go to the library, but this simple pleasure is so often dismissed because of fingertip mania–a condition where everything is available at our fingertips–but nothing beats actually feeling and holding a book in your hands. Try it.

5. Watch an old movie or show. The pace of life is fast and with that TV and movie production has also become very fast-paced. Watching something comparatively slower will make a refreshing change.

6. Eat real food. Yes, real food. Chomp into an apple, break open a banana or just grab some nuts and yogurt.

7. Contact a friend. Somebody who you may not even ordinarily call.

8. Juggle. We are always juggling priorities in life anyway so let’s see how this works.

9. Rollerblade.  Now is the time to do it. Every day, we drive or walk how about combining both?

Variety is not only the spice of life it is a key to good living, so live in color not sepia because it not only makes life interesting, but it keeps us alive  and productive.

Keep on winning…


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You are probably wondering where we have been.  I have some good news to share; I am proud to announce that my first child was born on February 15 and as we settle into this new phase of life we have taken a hiatus.
We will resume the blog very shortly sometime this week with more articles to empower and educate towards excellence.
Until then..
Keep on winning…

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5 simple things you need to do to clear clutter…

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There is a saying that a clear desk is the sign of a clear mind. The thinking is that we should clear clutter to clear our mind, but I am going to turn this idea on its head as I believe that we should do the opposite.

Focusing on what we need to do is the first step to actually doing it.

  1. At first, seeing the overwhelming amount of clutter will trouble you, so remove yourself from the site and you may even want to step outside for this. Breathe in slowly, exhale and do this a few times, pray and meditate. Do this for five minutes. This will calm and re-energize you.
  2. In this frame of mind, take a moment to list what needs to get done.  For example, scraps of paper, shaker bottle, magazines and so forth. Then take a thick red marker and leave it by your list.
  3. Buy  supplies such as files, boxes and containers. 9 times out of ten, we use lack of resources as an excuse and our mind creates a block
  4. Begin to action the list. Don’t try to do everything at once, but perhaps over the space of a few days. So, today you may attack the magazines. Once you do it, cross it off. Crossing it off in this way makes our mind more aware.
  5. REPEAT. It becomes a habit and with time will become automatic.

Keep on winning…

Breaking a habit in 5 simple steps

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Habits are auto-behaviors The problem with trying to break a habit is that we suddenly decide on the spur of a moment that we no longer want to do something.

A sudden rush of emotions make us decide that we will stop something. As we all know, we jump onto the bandwagon and jump back right off! i have a relative who is like this and decides impulsively, but always fails to do so making a number of excuses.

The key to breaking a habit is to start small during the cold turkey phase. Be patient, set a 21 day deadline and review yourself.

1. Micro-size. For example, if you want to stop chomping on your nails then start by either cutting down on the number of fingers used or just chomp on one hand. If you want to stop overeating, cut down on your portions.

2. Replace with a good habit. Take a walk, para sail. Do whatever excites you.

3. Risk and Reward: Risk-every time you fail, put some money into a jar and make a note. Reward-each time you succeed, reward yourself with something

4. When you have the urge, close your eyes, breathe deeply and proclaim: ‘I can overcome this habit, I am confident, capable and I will overcome this challenge.”

5. Be accountable. Tell somebody what you are doing and set some guidelines including risk and reward.