Welcome to my little space in cyberspace…


Hello to all in the blogee universe (you are “blogees” i am a blogger!)

Welcome to my little humble blog in cyberspace. This blog is an opportunity for self-expression; approximately 2 years ago a friend of mine Ankur suggested I start  a blog-those of you who know me will realize that i like to write articles, emails or text messages-yes i know very sad.It has taken me 2 years to commence these musings as i consider myself somewhat insignificant.

This will hopefully be an opportunity to share with you many things that i do and share some news about the “winning karma” system, which combines spirituality, personal development and leadership.

I hope to write something at least every day..Keep on winning…

(revised July 18 2009)

  1. Well show me some winning karma because I need some right about now. lol.

  2. You are winning over Karma, You were awake till 4:20..

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