The reason you feel burdened and 4 quick ways to feel less stressed…

In Uncategorized on January 29, 2010 at 8:48 pm

At work or at play, the mother lode of lode-mental load has a way of sneaking into our head. Here are 4 quick ways to lighten the load.

1.  Take time to say sorry every day: If you have erred, then go ahead and apologize. If you let things fester hoping the other party says sorry first, then don’t expect things to mend. Take a large spoonful of humble pie and gorge it down straight away. We don’t lose anything by saying sorry.

2.  Switch off your phone: Select a time in the day to switch off your phone and let other people know that you cannot take calls during a time you have set. Relax, pray and think about all the blessings in life.

3. Expect the unexpected: When we approach something with expectations, we set ourselves up for an instant fall. Have no expectations and do your duty.

4. Listen before leaping: Mistakes occur, people are only human. Listen to others completely before rushing to judgment.



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