9 quick energy fixes…

In Uncategorized on January 22, 2010 at 6:32 am

Let’s face it, there are times where we could all do with a burst of energy and before reaching for that cup of coffee,  here are some methods that I practice which help leaders to stay energized and full of vigor.

1. Breathing as detoxifier: This is an ancient Yoga breathing technique. As carbon dioxide increases in your blood  it takes away energy. Follow this simple method to revitalize yourself by flushing out excessive carbon dioxide.

Breath through your nose, inhale deeply and then exhale in 20 to 30 short, rapid bursts, bringing in your stomach muscles to force out each burst. Repeat three times, taking a few breaths between each cycle so you don’t get disoriented.

2. Eat a mint. Popping a mint in your mouth could help stave off energy depletion. An alternative is taking something with menthol such as a cough candy. Research has shown that this works like smelling salts.

3.Drink up. Make sure you are sufficiently hydrated. Not drinking enough water leads to fatigue and a feeling of  sluggishness. Don’t let the well dry up.

4. Snack. If your tank is on empty, eat an apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter, plain low-fat yogurt with a cup of berries (which contain anthocyanins), or whole grain toast with an ounce of cheese. Choose foods that provide protein,complex carbohydrates and fat.

5. Tear yourself away. Staring at a computer screen for too long will sap you of energy. Combat any prolonged activity by taking brisk walks and stretching.

6. Make a splash. Splashing cold water on your face and neck can help you to revive quickly.

7. Power sleep. Taking a power nap could help restore energy. A NIH study showed that power napping prevents burnout and improves mental performance

8. Go for brown. Stay away from energy sapping foods. Choose whole grain foods and eat colorful vegetables for energy.

9. Distress-de-stress. Stress will zap you of energy, so take some time,close your eyes, visualize and breathe in deeply for one minute.  A large body of research has shown that calling somebody to share your problems to detox will  help


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