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Guest writer: Karma that wins…

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As promised, a few posts back, it gives me great honor to introduce our guest writer Mr. Sanjay Patel. I have known him for many years and  find his writing both compelling and thought-provoking.

So, without rambling too much, Here is his invaluable contribution.  Enjoy! PS: his credentials are given at the end; his own modesty prevented him from doing this, but i have added it as it gives greater credibility and to show how lucky winning karma is to have him write for us! Thank you Sanjay.


Karma That Wins

‘Winning Karma,’ in my opinion, depends on what you call winning. For younger Americans it often means becoming a professional football or basketball player. For Indians it often means becoming a cricketer or Bollywood star. For young ‘NRI’ Indians it sometimes means becoming a doctor and buying a Mercedes. Often, the motivation of such ambitions is not to help and care for people. It is simply about self-adulation and making plenty of money. These individuals yearn for people’s respect. They have fantasies of others slapping their backs and congratulating them.

They dream of others looking up to them.

If attracting the praises of others is your picture of winning than your karma towards others may involve plenty of backslapping and possibly backstabbing. To your credit this may truly be done without malice – nothing personal you know – just an inescapable part of capitalism, an act of survival, an unfortunate part of winning. To live, someone else must die; to succeed, some one else must fail; to win, someone else must lose.

If however, you refuse to engage in such acts, you may be destined to lead a mediocre existence, in the shadows, a follower of orders. A soldier. A great soldier, but never a Colonel or General. Never a warrior. Least of all a leader. This is the quandary of those who wish to excel and contribute. To win, you may have to jettison the out-dated. And it is painful to replace the old with the new. The old you grew up with. The people you worked with. You will be seen as the enemy and a demolisher, not an architect. You will be seen as disloyal, selfish, and scheming rather than visionary and progressive.

And the idea of ‘win-win’ is a misnomer. Though you may be able to identify another winner along with your own success, someone somewhere has lost. If not a person in your own country, then a father or mother or child in another country. Or maybe a tree, a nesting sparrow, or a feeding whale. The wealth and resources of this world are limited. Where somewhere they are gained, elsewhere they are lost.

So what should be done? The social and financial success of your family, children and community is closely tied to your personal success. And it is often the case that when you are in dire difficulty, few stand by you, and many ‘friends’ render lip-service. Unfortunately, lip serving doesn’t feed your family or pay your bills. Possessing wealth and self-esteem are as fundamental as air and water.

Living a life of morals, standing by others, putting other people’s interests first, is hard. It requires self-sacrifice. But its rewards are profound. Looking in the mirror everyday after you have shaved or put on your make-up, it feels wonderful to know your great looks are not skin deep.

Winning Karma is about inner beauty, inner wealth, inner success, and a clear conscience. It isn’t about the transitory rewards of this world, but those that come eternally from God. They are as fundamental as life itself.

Sanjay Patel (coming soon)

About the Author

Sanjay Patel studied various subjects of spirituality at Degree and Doctorate Level for 5 intensive years at an Ashrama (monastery) in India. Subjects included Sanskrit, Theology, Yoga and Meditation, World Religions, Cosmogony, and Cosmology. He also learned the ancient art of Yoga and Meditation from a Master and practiced it fives times a day for two decades. Sanjay founded Inner Turning Point in response to his deeply touching spiritual experiences during this twenty-year practice. His dedicated practice led to an inner awakening that revealed the spiritual oneness of all people and all the great religions. He has traveled extensively throughout the world with his message of nurturing this oneness and experiencing pure bliss through Yoga. He has enlightened millions of people through his inspiring seminars and as a distinguished columnist for one of the largest circulating English newspapers in the world – The Sunday Times of India. In August 2004, Sanjay delivered a tantalizing talk with the best-selling author and New Age Guru Deepak Chopra, M.D., on Health, Spirituality, and Work-Life Balance to 600 doctors, in Chicago. Another of his distinguished achievements was the publication of his Doctorate Level research on ancient Yoga Literature in the peer-reviewed Indian Journal of the History of Science and the British Marine Scientist – an international journal for marine professionals. In July 2005, Sanjay presented his new findings at the international meet of the 22nd International Congress of History of Science at Beijing, China, attended by more than 2000 delegates worldwide.