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Think of others…

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Hello friends,

I am not taking any prisoners today and shooting right from the hip…

The thought and action item for today is to help others. If  we are asked to help somebody, go and do the best that for them.  Don’t just  blurt out “sorry, busy!” Are we really or have we just become hardened by the world in which we live?

If  busy executives can take time out to help others so what makes us so special?  The reply “I am busy” has become so ingrained in each one of us that we say it without thinking.  Living inside this bubble of ideas created by our own unwillingness to bend, karmic flow is such that there will come a time when we too will need help as well.

Think of others before we think of ourselves and don’t become a victim of negative trends. You might be busy in the moment, but there are 24 hours in a day and you can always make some time to think of others. Let’s not becomes victim of our own self-created circumstances.

Straight-talking and keep on winning…