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Cookies come in different shapes…

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The greatest strength we have is diversity. Many languages, many cultures, many languages and so on.  So, how does this apply to our quest for self-improvement? The answer is  found in our own individuality.

We often try to imitate others and although  imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, on its own it is not the best approach. Yes, we should be inspired, motivated by the right people, but we should also preserve our own identity.  Be YOU, celebrate YOU. Don’t take the cookie cutter route, be who YOU are. There are too many who ape others and are afraid to be themselves.

Consider this, imagine just how dull life would be if cookies only come in one size, clothes in one color, candy in one flavor, well you hopefully get the idea.

Be YOU, because only you can be YOU

so, keep on winning…