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GPS and Find your way…

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Where to turn? Where to go?

Life is very much like a GPS. If you don’t know whether you’re headed North, South, East or West then you will remain stationary at a fixed point. No turn-by-turn guidance means you will just coast and coast.

Life is like a GPS. Some of us know where to head and we may remain on the same path for a while, but things may throw us off-track. Our present economic climate may very well push us into another direction, so be ready to re-map your life.


  • Are you truly satisfied with what you are doing right now?
  • If you have no direction, then what can help/who can help; for example,a mentor etc.?
  • What can you do differently?
  • Career change: can you think out of the box to pursue your heart not your academic background?

If there is something worng with your GPS, do your best to fix it.

Keep on winning…


T U N E -I N………

In Uncategorized on October 6, 2009 at 2:20 am

I was traveling across the country in a heavily wooded area. I needed some ambiance-well, actually needed to stay awake-so turned on the radio (thank you Mr. Marconi!) and so began turning the tuner, but as I tried to switch to my normal station, all I could hear was crackling and distant faint voices in the background as I relentlessly inched the tuner to the right. I could not quite tune into my regular station.

And, in one of those rare moments of thought, it hit me:  no matter what color, caste, faith or creed, there are these voices within us.  I liken these voices to the radio, because through the crackling as we try to “self-tune”, we hear voices and these “inside-voices” are effective tools if we know how to leverage them for our benefit.

The problem lies in differentiating these voices and in what our internal antennas choose to pick up. There’s station 1, which plays “the upbeat, positive, oh what a fine morning it’s going to be” voice and then on the flip side there’s station 2-the “the dismal, down on my luck, I am a loser” station. One is self-fulfilling and the other is self-defeating. And, station 2 will never attract any sponsors.

Okay, so what can you do to make sure you tune in to the right station? Well, positive self-talk can go far, but it needs to backed by a clear commitment.  So, ask questions and plenty of them!

Ask yourself if you subscribe to station 2, then what will the outcome be. Here’s a possible list

Depression, dejection, disillusionment

“Losing karma”: your actions impact on others (let’s not be selfish!

Skewed perception of the world-gee!

Lack of energy, enthusiasm, sparkle

Too much feedback-meaning negative feedback

Negative outcomes

For station 1

Positive vibrations and energy

Piles of enthusiasm

A “go-getter” attitude

Better outcome

Positive accomplishments

Clear and focused thinking

Probably more friends as well-nobody likes a defeatist

Self talks are critical internal dialogues or our inner voices that help us to form perceptions. Inner voices are  both good and bad. If your antennas are picking up negative signals then it is time to dust yourself off, because you are listening to the wrong station and hey you are a champion so if you are feeling a little blue then do get some help from another positive person not a negative person because that will just help you feel even worse than you did before. A coach or a coaching system like the “Winning Karma” system can also help you to find the right station again!

So, enjoy hours of easy listening and “keep on winning…”