GPS and Find your way…

In Uncategorized on October 9, 2009 at 3:49 am

Where to turn? Where to go?

Life is very much like a GPS. If you don’t know whether you’re headed North, South, East or West then you will remain stationary at a fixed point. No turn-by-turn guidance means you will just coast and coast.

Life is like a GPS. Some of us know where to head and we may remain on the same path for a while, but things may throw us off-track. Our present economic climate may very well push us into another direction, so be ready to re-map your life.


  • Are you truly satisfied with what you are doing right now?
  • If you have no direction, then what can help/who can help; for example,a mentor etc.?
  • What can you do differently?
  • Career change: can you think out of the box to pursue your heart not your academic background?

If there is something worng with your GPS, do your best to fix it.

Keep on winning…


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