Walking back…

In Uncategorized on September 29, 2009 at 4:15 am

Okay, apologies. Apologies for the lack of Friday’s funnies and apologies for the silence…

As many  are aware, this past Saturday i was part of a fundraising walkathon and joined many others who sacrificed a Saturday morning just to help a good cause.  The event went were well and all the blood, sweat and tears were very worth it-they usually are when doing something for a good cause. i love taking part in these events because each one helps to make you a better person.

The event itself had great impetus due to the presence of Dr Kiran Patel, a prominent entrepreneur and philanthropist in Tampa. His entrepreneurial spirit is equalled only by his civic spirit.  Words of great support were spoken and imparted to the attendees. Noble spirits were recognized at the event whose commitment and drive were motivational.

Moreover, those representing the beneficiary also appreciated that the young and old alike took time out for the walk; although, to those involved, it becomes a duty which is performed automatically, there is pause for thought here…well go ahead and think it through…

Ha! Keep on winning!


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