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So, you feel that you are out of your element, comfort zone and it is totally something you have no idea or inkling about. Congratulations, somebody just threw you into the deep-end. Just imagine, being thrown into a swimming pool then realizing why you should never have skipped swimming lessons!

We all live in these wonderful zones within which we find a sense of security, but often we are pushed into situations where we have no experience.   i have always been assigned tasks for which i neither have the skills or experience, but i have found that being hurled into the dark abyss of the unknown, has actually allowed me to develop.  Being thrown in at the “deep-end” is a situation where one is forced to sink or swim-these are the only two options. To swim, one must be willing to learn, to educate oneself and work to succeed.

London, UK: i remember one particular incident when HRH The Prince of Wales had expressed interest in visiting a wonderful building constructed by the organization in which i volunteer, and i was then told that i would be leading the PR invitation efforts. “Yay!” I said joyfully, but my inner voice said woefully: “nay! what do i know about PR, invitations and dignitaries?” But, i had already been thrown into the pool, so i toiled and with God’s grace and help from others, i managed to pull through.

Task after task, assignment after assignment, i kept on being thrown in and each experience helped me learn and improve. Yes, there will be many mistakes along the way, but it is truly the best way to improve. So, if somebody wants to push you into uncharted waters, welcome them and jump right in…worry about the life-vest later!

Keep on swimming..i mean winning!


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