Aye or I captain…?

In Uncategorized on September 16, 2009 at 4:06 am

Looking around today, came to a monumental conclusion that It’s all ‘I’ world these days.  Don’t believe me? Time for a little math- using the law of averages, chances are out of the 150 or so million cellphone subscribers, many of you own smartphones. Even, mobile communications and technology in general haven’t been spared from this self-centered trend.  Hmmm…notice vhow many devices begin with the letter “i”
It’s a sign of the times today where the “me” philosophy is continuously pushed upon us. Okay, so i am just  using these examples to make a point for i have no idea what “i” actually means in their case, but how about an “ourpod” or an “ourtouch?” How about we get back to basics and look beyond the “i’ and start looking at others as well without becoming possessive and “i-centric” (arrgh..i just created another “i” ism!) and remind ourselves that we all live on this planet as equals.
Just some quick late-night thoughts
keep on winning…
  1. But, the i in iPod and iTouch is lowercase. Even Apple is humble. lol.

  2. Most observant. The blog merely used references to illustrate a point, but your comment is welcome and thought-provoking. Thanks for your response.

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