8 years on..

In Uncategorized on September 12, 2009 at 3:01 am

A poignant and reflective day.  September 11 2001-a day that has left an indelible mark  in our lives.  In honor of that, Friday Funnies will appear late Saturday. Eight years, why it seems just like yesterday.

9/11 is one of those  events where we will always remember what we were doing. i was working in Marble Arch, UK when our Sales Director called us from next door to look at his screen. He thought it was a faked event-well a wunderkind armed with Photoshop skills and some nifty editing could produce such results.  After all, how can such a national monument be decimated so easily?

As we delved deeper and browsed CNN, we realized that this was actually happening. The pictures in front of us were real.  As we watched, there was yet another event unfolding. By this time,  we all were shocked and speechless but remained transfixed.

A few hours later i learned that somebody i knew growing up lost his life that day. Although, we had lost touch for many years, it was still a shock.  i began to think how it must have felt for him being inside the tower knowing that death was certain. We can only speculate. No matter what we think or opine, we can never know.

But, it seems so close to home when somebody who had passed into your life had now passed away.

This is dedicated in memory of Avnish Patel and to all those who lost their lives on September 11 2001. Our prayers for the families of the victims.

i am truly humbled.

Keep on winning…


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