Carmaraderie Karma..

In Uncategorized on September 7, 2009 at 3:19 pm

Hello champion Blogees!

This weekend was spent volunteering for an event. Many lessons learned as usual.  It was nice  seeing the seniors and youth working side-by-side. It is a case of the elders offering their wisdom to the youth-the next generation, if you will.   There were numerous instances when this happened. The atmosphere was charged with great positive vibrations (and the smell of good Indian cuisine helped as well-ha!) as all who knew what they had to do served with great enthusiasm. The elders always happy to suggest ways in which things could have been done, perhaps correctly or incorrectly, but they had a right to be heard.

Then there were the ones who had done what we had done many, many years ago and were helping in a different capacity by just being present and gauging feedback or just chit-chatting with others. They all had a role to play in this wondeful award-winning production.

Carmaraderie-the spirit of good friendly relationships is an amazing thing. Age becomes relative.  If you have such an opportunity then do embrace it. More on this in a later post…

Keep on winning…


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