Fun Friday…

In Uncategorized on September 4, 2009 at 2:47 pm

Hello Champions everywhere!

It’s Friday and that means we are all counting the hours until it ends and we slide it into the weekend. Okay, so today is experiment day and  i am toying with the idea that every Friday should be reserved for a light-hearted post, however this will be entirely up to you all. Yes, POLL TIME! So, kindly  register your views once the poll is active later.

Some think that if we adopt a light-hearted approach in life, we are not taken seriously. Well, folks in life no one gets out alive-obviously ha! In any case, studies have proven that humour (English spelling) helps with well-being, so i cannot see what harm it can do. In any case, when one was young hey all LAUGHED when i said i wanted to be a stand-up comedian..ha-they are not laughing now! hahaha

Here we go:

So, i was driving along the road and my boss called and said “congratulations, you have just been promoted to Sales Manager.” So, i was happy and kept on driving until he called again and then told me: ‘we decided to promote you to Vice-President of sales.” So, happy i kept on driving then he called 0nce more and said “congratulations, we just promoted you to President of Sales!”  i was so happy that i lost track and swerved off the road. When the police asked me what happened i replied: “hmmm..i guess i  just CAREERED off the road…!”

Take a risk! So, i decided to find out more about skydiving. So, the instructor tole me all about it and asked if i had any questions-i said: “yes, what if the parachute doesn’t open!” He said: “Let’s not think about it, we don’t want anybody jumping to conclusions…

Keep on laughing and winning


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