Vital signs…

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A heart rate monitor makes this sound as it assesses how “alive” somebody is; an irregular heartbeat means something is off.  Other than the heart rate, the other methods used are blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, temperature. Collectively, medical professionals term these measurements as vital signs.

Actually, we need to re-define the whole vital signs thing and ask what makes us truly “alive”?  It is not about the breaths we take, how healthy our heart is, nor is it about maintaining an acceptable body temperature.  Yes, these things do matter, but if we don’t lead a live which impacts positively on another life or our immediate environment, then we are mere living corpses.   Yes, flashback to those late night zombie films, which many of us watched firmly tucked behind a sofa. Recall the lifeless,sluggish creatures as they walked around aimlessly

So, we can walk around with bulging biceps or a barrel-chest looking healthy and fit, but if all we see is our own four walls and we do not see further than our own noses, then no matter what we achieve, conceive or receive, we will not feel “alive.”   Our obituary has already been written.

So, what are these vital signs?  Helping others, mutual prospering, collective convictions, forgiveness, mutual understanding and of course tolerance.

Each breath we take is a blessing. Each beat of the heart is precious, but remember we don’t live in years but in deeds so let us be winners..

So may our vital signs only show positive readings…

Keep on winning…


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