50 and not out…

In Uncategorized on September 1, 2009 at 7:09 pm


We have made it to 50 posts, well actually just a few more than 50, but you get the point.  So, as is customary on such occasions, i wanted to say thank you to each and every reader for your support, comment, suggestions and blank checks–no that last one was just wishful thinking..ha!

Thanks to Ankur in Seattle who originally gave me this idea, which took me 2 years to implement, but now see the value in writing this blog. Thanks mate.

Yes, we have stalled and sometimes even hit the brakes, but we have continued to share thoughts. Just a quick one, the system starts to shape up in September-much hard work is needed, but that is very welcome.

You are all champions and inspire me.   i promise to continue writing and perhaps even give you a few surprises until we hit the century mark! Until then, back to the musing…again my thanks with God’s grace and your support i keep on winning…

Some visuals FIFTY RUNS~how poetic!


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