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Must be surprised to see this post. Well, first my sincerest apologies to all on a number of issues. First, lack of blogging; i have been  fighting off  flu and fever and while nothing deters me, it had sapped me of energy and kept me away from all, but it looks like the vitality is returning- BELIEVE ME my thoughts have been with you all. i have not been ill for some years and i think my body wants me to shake off the cobwebs and any remaining spiders and actually slow down a little until recovery-which is imminent.  Have been on rigorous natural product regimen and modern medicine which all seems to be doing the job.

Secondly, due to some technical mishap, the original post on “communication” which i saved (or thought i had) in draft has disappeared into thin air! Beat that David Copperfield. Somewhat disconcerting, but i do have a back-up somewhere and it will hopefully be posted on Monday. So, i shall return in the interim with other musings.

The period of illness always reminds us of our mortality. Everybody is going to die, but we should focus on the quality of life that we live. Each breath is precious and should never be taken lightly.

Vital signs of life—that will be the next post!

Until then, i wanted to thank Mr. Amitabh Bachchan for recognizing me in his blog and through the site indirectly allowing winningkarma to be promoted to a whole new audience.

What a man!


A winning quote from him: “No one can go through life without their share of knocks. I am no different from any other…”

Keep on winning…. (kdarji)


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