The Now Habit…

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I highly recommend procrastination to any of you. Now, you are probably very alarmed by this statement but let’s take a coin and scratch beneath the surface-metaphorically friends!

For many years, I was a procrastinator and I would put off doing so many things whether it was returning my library books, paying a bill, returning calls and so forth. I would find excuses NOT to do something such as oh, my computer broke down, my dog ate my homework (and I didn’t even have a dog);after some time, things would pile up, companies would write, call, email, send smoke signals and carrier pigeons to follow up; then, of course I would end up having to remedy the situation.  i am sure that this resonates with many of us reading this blog.

I have quite literally paid the price for this bad habit.  Postponing things only makes things worse and increased my stress levels because all these things that needed to get done were always in the back of my mind and that combined with people constantly screaming in my ear to the point of deafness, well that really spurred me on. I also have my brother to thank for turning me onto better habits as well and giving me very workable ideas.

Procrastination is a very destructive habit-pernicious. So, then why do we procrastinate? The $64 million dollar question! Well, we can whittle this down to three answers:

  1. Fear of failing
  2. Fear of succeeding
  3. Good old Isaac Newton
    Newton’s First Law of Motion: an object at rest wants to stay at rest. The first time we do something new, it costs us a lot more energy and effort than the tenth time we do it.

You see, we all slot into one of those 3 categories unless we are just want to stay at rest or as it is commonly known laziness and it is counter-productive to anything we want to do in life.

Okay, so here are some tips to get things done.

  1. Winning Karma Mindset® programming: ‘It needs to get done sooner or later so we may as well as do it now, avoid stress and enjoy more.”
  2. Break a task into small sizes: So, if you need to clean a room, then don’t worry about cleaning up the desk right now, but start with making up the bed, putting away the socks and then methodically proceed to the end.
  3. Filter the signal, hear the sound or put simply, avoid running back and forth to your email; taking calls and so on. Be focused and YOU WILL GET MORE DONE.
  4. Be consistent: consistency is the key my friends. If you are pushed for time, do something, because incremental steps lead to monumental results.

So, that’s why I recommend procrastination friends-it is a chance to improve and always remember, tomorrow is never promised and procrastination is the stealer of time, so banish procrastination and adopting a winning karma attitude will make you a champion.

“To be always intending to make a new and better life but never find time to set about it is as… to put off eating and drinking and sleeping from one day to the next until you’re dead.”
– Og Mandino

Get into the NOW habit and

Keep on winning…


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