Normal service will resume…

In Uncategorized on July 27, 2009 at 3:03 am

Hello blogees,

My dear friends. i was involved in a family conference and personally interacted with so many of you, but perhaps what is amazing is  that without being heavily involved one found oneself involved. New faces and old faces-it was a great weekend.

So, a few things prevented me from writing this weekend and i truly apologize to you all, but i have already ruminated and cogitated (sounds painful)-okay in other words thought about what will be next.

And, there will be more, because this allows me to reach out to so many of you and in so doing learings well. i  will be writing this blog for a long time-no matter what-repetitive strain injury not withstanding!

i gave a speech to a group of teenage youth today. The general perception about  teenagers is that they are careless and unconcerned, but this has not been my experience.  The group was very accommodating,  receptive, respectful and for whatever reason interested in what was being said.

i am always ready to help this group whenever they ask.  Being the elder statesman and having had my share of youth-related issues, i have empathy and sympathy for them; always happy to share information and do whatever one can do to support them through these critical years.

Oh and in closing, Happy Birthday Hetal (Monday July 27)-may you live long and prosper my friend..and you will WIN and do well in whatever path is chosen for you…

Normal uninterrupted service will resume this week

Keep on winning…


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