Change…part one

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Hello blogee universe,

Change is inevitable. Change is constant” stated Benjamin Disraeli

How right he was. The universe is ever-changing,  seasons change, temperatures change, employees change, fashion changes, trends change, economies change (as have all noticed), inflation changes, jobs change and even people change! 🙂

Although, taxes and death are accepted as the two certainties in life –  i would like to add change to the list of certainties.  Change is a certainty and it is a reality.

In this economy, even the big corporates such as GMC are forced to change their operating procedures and long-standing business models.

You see, humans are creatures of habit used to doing things according to a set pattern within our comfort zones.  Resistance to change manifests from not knowing what is around the corner. If we are to successfully move forward in life then we must first learn to manage change.

Let me share my own example.  In 2004, i traveled from my then-homeland UK to USA for a national conference, not knowing  the lasting impact this trip would have on my life. To cut a long story short, i ended up getting married and staying in the USA. Even though i had family members supporting me, the transition was hard.

I had lived in the UK for about 30 years and had made a great circle of friends and influential contacts, so here i was in the USA like a fish out of water starting my life from scratch, waiting for my immigration papers etc. The first couple of years were really hard, but over time, i decided to stop lamenting and with acceptance, came clarity and direction. By adapting and accepting the change i found that i was more excited about the future.

The unknown can be scary, but it can also be beneficial and resisting only makes things worse. Trust me, we all yearn for the “good old days”, you know when life was simpler, hairstyles more gravity-defying, music more meaningful and we could live without mobile phones, but without accepting change in technology, we could not be as immediate as we are today and i wouldn’t even be able to share my thoughts on this blog.

Ask yourself whether you are better off now than, say 20 years ago. Analyze but don’t over-analyze and you will be pleasantly surprised at the many positive things that may have occurred.

As the saying goes: “Don’t cry because it’s over-smile because it happened”

Embracing change is a part of this roller-coaster we call life…

You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time

Charles F.Kettering

Keep on winning…


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