Respecting your elders…

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In Eastern tradition, it is very common  to bow down to our elders as a sign of reverence and respect.  It acknowledges their contribution to society and sacrifices they have made. It is done with sincerity and affection.

There are very few things that i cannot tolerate, but disrespect for elders is one thing that irks me. A family friend of ours was in town yesterday and he related how he was working with someone much younger and the sheer arrogance he exhibited-the so called “i know it all and i don’t give a darn about…” syndrome. Newsflash, experience is the greatest teacher and there is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom-knowledge comes from education, but wisdom comes from taking many knocks.  The elders  have had a longer existence on earth and seen and done more.

Many have fought for our freedom, which is taken so lightly. Many have faced challenges, so that our own challenges may be lessened.

One day, we also will grow old-do we wish to be treated like this? Do we wish for our contributions to be ignored?

For those from an  Eastern tradition,  it is already part and parcel of the teachings so please bow down to your elders. Of course, those from a different background could also do the same and all traditions do talk about respecting elders-trust me, i have researched this so please feel free to do the same 🙂 But here is one

The Torah: commands  to appreciate and respect elders: “You should rise before the elderly and honor the aged”(Lev. 19:32).

No matter whether you are single, married, in your late 40’s,50’s etc.  this small token of appreciation is necessary and you will immediately experience a sense of selflessness and humility. Remember, don’t aspire for anything in return-good gestures are always reciprocated hundred-fold.

Some points

  • When you enter a room, please also acknowledge the elders as well
  • When leaving, also let them know you are leaving
  • If you are watching TV, if asked to do something do listen. Technology allows you to pause live TV!
  • Listen to them. Don’t raise your voice even if their opinions differ tremendously from yours

Keep on winning…

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