Service above all…

In Uncategorized on July 11, 2009 at 5:38 pm

In 1995, i learned the true meaning of public relations.  The socio-spiritual organization to which i am affiliated had organized a grand festival and had drafted me in as a PR volunteer.

It was my role as part of a team to ensure that all guests were well looked after. Many of these were deserving  dignitaries of  distinction and community leaders.  As part of this role, i also found myself outside coordinating and liaising with the security and parking personnel.

A lady approached me with what appeared to be her wheelchair-bound father. She asked me whether i would be willing to help by taking him across the road to where the festivities were. i gently told her that i would help her to find somebody to take care of that.  She replied, she had already spoken to somebody some time ago, but nothing had happened. In such a situation, it is natural  for individuals to forget or get involved in some other task.

Recognizing my ignorance, i immediately offered to take this gentleman across to the festivities and when the lady said thank you; something dawned upon me and i said: “you are welcome. It is fine-this is true public relations!”

i recall the satisfaction that i felt wheeling him across the street. i was truly humbled when upon reaching the destination the elderly gentleman gave me blessings and good wishes.  i was speechless. Working in the community brings you in touch with different types of people and situations. Service to others is fulfilling, life-changing and an education as well. Find a cause, serve sincerely and it will make you a better person.

Serve others…

Keep on winning…


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