Scratch beneath the surface…

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2009 at 7:25 pm

,Today i met a most interesting gentleman who had a great story to tell – for the sake of anonymity let’s call him John  John was born in the 1940’s as one of a set of twins; unfortunately, they discovered his twin brother had a hole in his esophagus and sadly his brother died.  They had been born prematurely so John was sickly, but thankfully survived.

Growing up, John worked on a construction site where  an accident left him  partially paralyzed. The medical profession told him that he would never walk again, but John was determined.  So, in a year he set about to rehabilitate himself-and it was during this time, that his then-wife decided to leave him. Boldly, he walked into their home with the crutches and handed them to her declaring that he was completely rehabilitated.

His story doesn’t end there.  Later in life, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had to have most of his prostate removed.  He is in remission due to a combination of strong will and an openness toward alternative approaches. Unfortunately, later on he was involved in a car crash and sustained injuries to his vertebrae, but once more he decided that this would not deter him and he opted not to go for surgery.

John lives with some pain, but  most importantly he lives with hope and a strong will. He still holds down a part-time job and maintains a positive attitude towards life and thankfully hasn’t fallen victim to the influence of prescription drugs and has also quit smoking!

Scratch beneath the surface. will find great stories of hope, courage and determination. Be strong in the face of adversity and be unconventional if it helps you to survive…

Keep on winning…


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