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Back from the trenches…

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Hey there blogees,

Not had breakfast, but had to write first.

Wow, just wrapped up the retreat this weekend; in the ‘eye of the storm’, there was not much time to write but i do apologize to one and all. i learned much this weekend.

A fabulous event full of inspiration,nuggets of wisdom and practical solutions. It was indeed a pleasure to work with a great team.

Lessons learned: As a positive person, i did want to bring up one incident which i hope will illustrate the need to accept some constructive criticism as well as the correct approach. Attitude. much hard work went into the retreat-the four hour sleeping pattern, the emails, sms’s, online chats and phone calls. The consensus amongst the faithful was the event was a success. So, we were taken aside and there we sat as an individual went through all the negative aspects-as we sat silent listening to the advice.

To be very honest, not much of what was said was relevant or practical at this stage, but listen we did and intently without commenting.  Some things such as audio glitches are beyond our control as are folks who do not demonstrate the same zeal and enthusiasm for the project. The point is the event was delivered faithfully through great synergy and cooperation. The point is we listened even though much of it cannot work at this point in time.

So, the moral is constructive criticism is welcome destructive criticism laced with negativity and attitude is not- it is demotivating and does nothing to boost morale..

All in all a great event. A friend of mine named  Hetal was inspired and motivated to help and serve in the future. To me, that is the true measure of its success. To have at least one person enthused and ready to make a change…well, that is priceless..that’s what winning karma is all about. Hetal you have the talent and ability to go far..

Thanks to all who helped this weekend. You are all winners in my book…

Life…during the weekend,there were some deaths-not just two major celebrities. but a friend of mine as well. i will write a “in memoriam” later.

Keep on winning…