Start with a blank canvas…

In Uncategorized on June 24, 2009 at 5:46 pm

Hello friends,

First of all, a BIG apology for not writing yesterday. Was caught in a whirlwind of activity and came back from Orlando at 2.00 am today. As regular blogees will know have been involved in helping with a Youth retreat and things are progressing very well, although am fast learning that no matter how well you plan, something or another will happen.

Just the other day, and this is rare for me these days, i was watching reality television and seeing the characters doing something totally unexpected got me thinking,so  today  let us talk about spontaneous creativity. i would like all blogees to take a blank piece of paper, pens,crayons etc. and draw something-anything; you can draw anything but just get drawing.

Or make a mosaic, plant something,go paragliding  or  just go outside and marvel…you will see sites that you never even thought existed.

The objective of this is that there is no real objective! It is spontaneous. Cast back your minds to when you were a child and how spontaneous we all were.  . Whether, we scrawled our names in crayons on the wallpaper, penciled our names on the desk or how as would-be Einsteins we experimented by sticking chewing gum on the bedpost over night (i feel a song coming on) so go ahead and do that if you want to re-live your childhood.

The point is sometimes we just have to “do” and not “think”.  Of course, as adults we have moral and ethical boundaries, but despite this we  can still throw “caution to the wind” and do something on the spot.


  • Learn from spontaneous people. Why are they so? What philosophy drives them? What kind of things have they done?
  • Once a month, take stock and do something spontaneous without putting it on a calendar

So seize the moment-break away from routine-experience something different and you will enjoy life  more!

Be curious and adventurous

Keep on winning…

  1. love the words…..keep them coming

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