Contagious enthusiasm…

In Uncategorized on June 21, 2009 at 3:53 pm

Working on many varied aspects, but just wanted to check in.  Been a hectic weekend-have been working on putting together a motivational  youth retreat in Tampa. As i always say “expect the unexpected and you will never be disappointed..” Last minute speaker cancellations, re-working the evening programs and many conference calls and documentation to cobble together, but through it all very grateful for the support of the faithful. Everything has a reason.

Last night, i was working until the early hours with an AV volunteer named Krunal. The passion and enthusiasm and perseverance  demonstrated yesterday(today am!) was admirable. There were some technical glitches and rather than go for the softer option, he decided to exhaust all possible avenues and with dogged determination tried, tried and tried again.

One has to sit back and admire a young lion with this kind of spirit. This kind of energy is contagious-it is positive and it is truly rejuvenating even at 12.00 midnight. And if i may add an original  thought “Wisdom is not determined by generation but by  reaction….” Age does not always imply we are right, but wisdom can also come from those younger.. Truly, such spirits keep me youthful and vibrant-longing to raise the bar…

Kudos K-Kwik.  You are an asset and  a shining example of youth. K-Kwik-this is for you…

Keep on winning



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