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In Uncategorized on June 16, 2009 at 9:27 pm

Hello friends,

Just back after working out in the community gym. Not frequented by many, hence gave me a lot of time to sample different workouts. It was a good workout and there were no clicks or injuries.   i used a combination of free weights (i didn’t pay for them haha!) and  resistance bands-to the uninitiated they are giant elastic bands and provide varying degrees of resistance as well as a great pump and are less pressure on the joints.

So, after some time, i left drenched, showered and now settled on the sofa -and, yes for lovers of the “protein window” i am sipping on a protein/carb shake to ward off catabolism as the body cries to use protein as energy-oh no you don’t! It seems paradoxical, but after a workout the muscle actually wants to shrink-again, oh no you don’t!

The one criticism i have to make is that for some reason  the air conditioning does not work as it should-nay, scratch that-it doesn’t work at all! i am excited by the emails and comments received along with suggestions as follows:

1. “You should write how some of the elders amongst us can also engage in a healthy lifestyle!” i have somewhat changed the original text but the meaning is the same. Great idea, i will certainly compile a 101 generic fitness post, but there will be a caveat-i am by no means a certified specialist but always  happy to share some tips.

2. Mr  KP wrote about my ability to blog at early hours. Since 1995, i have been following the practice of sleeping less and tend to work in the early hours. This is not something one is advocating, however it is an established norm for me so am used to it.  But, i guess it is that when i sleep i sleep a more restful sleep. In any case, former British  Prime Minister Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan also adopted such habits. In any case, i have sought over the last few months to sleep more 7 hour patterns than 4-one has to listen to the body..

Oh just  a tip-if you wish to comment on a specific blog just hit reply guys…thanks

Keep on winning…kash


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