Sound mind…sound body…

In Uncategorized on June 15, 2009 at 1:36 pm

Hello blogees,

Another super-charged positive weekend. Gave a speech to the socio-religious organization i am affiliated with. One of the things i am very mindful of when delivering a speech is to speak with passion and conviction-a belief that comes from within.  Although, i have learned many things through education and training, i think you can only develop your own particular style by constantly  trying to raise the bar.

For example, i always compile a concise intro multimedia presentation before i go on the podium-for me it is of paramount importance to set the appropriate ambiance. To develop a cadence with your audience is very important and wherever possible to interact-this also helps to generate a more conducive environment.

Naturally, there are some jitters before presenting-butterflies are inevitable, but i choose to think of this great adrenaline rush as a positive-so i  breath in and out-centering my energy and then just doing what i have to do and then connecting with the faithful.

On a physical note, have been educating myself further about nutrition, diet and exercise-a a passion for many years. At 37, i manage to remain healthy and free of any discernible pot belly and that of course is through God’s immense grace. Exercising your mind, body and spirit are very essential in life-they are all connected..

Well, blogees..I will write more when i can

Keep on winning, because it is the only choice we have…!


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